Hanover Bridge
Bridge, Rocks/Shoreline (If water is low enough), Fall colors (seasonally)
Minimal walking

Burwell park in Minnetonka
Wooden Walking Paths, Flowers, Open Field, Creek/Rocks, Bridge, Fall Colors (seasonally)
Light Walking

Beebe Lake Park in St. Michael
Trees, Tall Grasses
Moderate walking required
***please note these images were taken in Fall, grasses may be more green in Summer months

Otter Creek park in Monticello
Creek, walking bridge, willow trees
Light Walking

Crow Hassan Park in St. Michael
Field and Trees
Moderate Walking
*** Please note these were taken on the Off Leash Dog Park side of the park, so if any kiddos are nervous around dogs, this would not be a good spot

Montissippi Park in Monticello
Tall Trees, Field
Light Walking

Arneson Acres Garden in Edina
Flowers, Fountain, Trees, Fall Colors (seasonally)
Minimal Walking

Henry Park in Rogers, MN
Fall Leaves, Field, Barn & Bridge (Please note these photos were taken in the Fall so the trees will be green in Summer)
Minimal Walking 

Otsego Regional Park in Otsego, MN
Field, Trees, River
Quite a bit of Walking required to get from the parking lot to the shaded area where we would do photos

Beebe Lake Beach in St. Michael, MN
Sandy Beach, Dock, Trees
Moderate walk downhill to the Beach Area

Fish Lake Park in Maple Grove
Trees/Shaded Area, Sandy Beach 
Minimal Walking
***Please note that the Beach Area is Full Sun – no shade. So it really only works for photos close to sunset or on a cloudy day, otherwise it is too bright and unflattering light.