Hanover Bridge in Hanover, MN
Bridge, Trees, River shore (if the water is low enough)
Minimal walking


Grays Bay in Wayzata
Lake, Bridge, Rocks, Dam, Long Grass and Wildflowers (seasonally)
Light Walking

Beebe Lake Park in St. Michael
Option 1: Field and Fall Colors Seasonally
Option 2: Beach, Lake, Trees, Dock (they moved the dock this year to another location that is about a 5 min walk – still doable to do both spots) 

Light – Moderate walking

Fish Lake Park in Maple Grove
Trees, Beach, Dock
Light Walking

Montissippi Park in Monticello
Tall Evergreen Trees, Tall Grasses
Light Walking

Excelsior Beach in Excelsior
Beach, Dock/Boats – It’s about a 10 minute walk to go to both spots, you can do one or both
Light or Moderate Walking 

Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis
City Skyline, Brick Buildings, Bridge
Moderate Walking

Arneson Acres in Edina
Garden, Flowers, Trees, Fountain
Light Walking