Hanover Bridge in Hanover, MN
Bridge, Trees, River shore (if the water is low enough)
Minimal walking


Crow Hassan Park in St. Michael
Trees and Long Grass (Technically a dog park, so must be comfortable around dogs)
Light to Moderate Walking

Beebe Lake Park in St. Michael
Beach, Lake, Trees
Light – Moderate walking

Otter Creek Park in Monticello
Trees, Creek, Bridge
Light Walking

Montissippi Park in Monticello
Tall Evergreen Trees, Tall Grasses (these were taken in Fall, Spring/Summer is greener)
Light Walking

Henry Woods in Rogers
Field, Trees, Red Barn (not pictured here)
Light Walking

Otsego park in Otsego
Open Field, Trees, River (when water is low enough to access)
Moderate walking, lots of walking if you want to do both the field and the river